All Work and No Play Makes Vicky a Dull Girl

I’m working a lot this week, crazy crazy, and I can’t blog much.

I did make 10K words last weekend, and I’m moving towards 15k this weekend, so that’s another reason why I’m MIA.

Hopefully later this week I can talk Blade Runner…I’ve been meaning to do it.

Until then,

xoxo Vicky Stardust

Space Exploration

I think I discovered a new genre. Well, not discovered discovered and not new new. It’s actually old and quite an obscure term. Gothic Science Fiction, aka space goth, which is my preferred term.  I came upon it because I wanted to know what exactly it was that I was writing. No surprise that even though Blade Runner is mostly “cyber-Codex_Necrons_3Epunk neo-noir”, it has elements of space goth. I saw what I was writing first. It contains a bit of that, what with my recent obsession with 80s goth. The recent modern goth and space goth fashion movements have influenced me as well. I feel I’m a bit flamboyant with how much fashion and aesthetics influence my writing, but here we are.

I don’t want to be too terribly wordy with my writing, but I desperately want the reader to see exactly what I see. Which is a lot of black and neon lights currently. I actually said to someone the other day, “I’m really obsessed with lights right now.” What does that even mean? That flew out of my mouth in a weird, pretentious, avant-garde way that I just don’t know how to handle.

Featured Image 3

The struggle is the same for all writers: how do I convey this? How do I place them in my mind? What doors do I open, what do I leave closed? So the first thing I did was try to pin-point what exactly it was that I was writing.  Now that I know that, hopefully it will help.

So, what is space goth?  Simple! Science fiction that holds strong story telling tenants of gothic fiction. Gothic fiction, if you didn’t know, is actually my comfort zone of writing. I did a lot of my undergrad creative writing work in gothic style, and many BLOODBORNEresearch papers in English classes were centered around gothic fiction. It has even been suggested the science fiction is child of gothic fiction. To quote the venerablesource of Wikipedia (and by quote, I mean copy and paste really quickly from an open tab):  “In his history of science fiction, Billion Year SpreeBrian Aldiss contends that science fiction itself is an outgrowth of gothic fiction– pointing to Mary Shelley‘s novel Frankenstein as an example. ‘Science fiction is the search for a definition of man and his status in the universe which will stand in our advanced but confused state of knowledge (science) and is characteristically cast in the Gothic or post-Gothic mode.’  The blend can also be detected quite explicitly in Jules Verne‘s novel Le Château des Carpathes.” I even found a wonderful artist, Daniel Kvasznicza, who has so many wonderful space goth paintings.

Daniel Kvasznicza

Daniel Kvasznicza

So, I learned quite a bit on this journey of writer’s exploration.  Below, I’m going to add a gallery of some space goth/science fiction-esque fashion and space goth illustrations.

Xoxo, Vicky Stardust

Exiled to the Outer Rim

So, I missed a few posts in this 7 day period. I’m SORRRY. Partially this was due to work and me having a social life for once (I needed to do it, but the introvert is drained).  The other thing, was video games. And in this, I feel pretty justified.

2015myspaceodyssey_Kotor 2 Darth N“How is this justifiable?” you may ask. Well, simply…  I was playing Star Wars:
Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. This video game is highly important to me and my life and I’ve played it and the old KOTOR more times than I can count. I adore the story lines. And most importantly, I adore the Exile. I understand her. She gets me. Her struggle is what inspired me to write SciFi, honestly. I’d always loved it, but my writing usually had had a more Victorian Gothic bent.

So I played, and I thought, and I was inspired again. Sometimes, I find I have to retreat to my comforts and inspirations and feed on them before I can put myself back onto a page. Now, my fingers are flying across the keyboard as a work on my novel. It was a good thing, I believe.

2015myspaceodyssey_Revan and Exile

Not from KOTOR 1 or 2, but still. I love these two eternal besties.

Don’t worry. I do enjoy more serious things and probably better games than this, but it’s always going to be dear to my heart.

Now, I’m going–to write. To watch Supernatural. And to write more blog posts, I’m sure.

Xoxo, Vicky Stardust