Target Not Acquired

…and that is totally okay. I didn’t make my 30k goal. But what I did find is my love for story, and my willingness to keep trying something, keep plotting, keep moving with this project. I really believe in it and myself. That I can get it done. And that with a lot of work, I can make something I am proud of.

Ironically, I learned about this while reading about a difficult video game and how dying in it isn’t a punishment, just a learning experience. So, I’m fine with failing to reach my goal. I learned. Pieces in my story moved. The road will probably be long and messy, but I’m ready for it.

There’s…a lot of work to do. Here’s to a more productive year in 2016! And my new goal is 100k by December. Here’s to trying!

P.S. I’m obsessed with Star Wars theories and Emo Kylo Ren currently. Or Fallout. The geek is strong in me.

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