I just wanna write fluff…

I should be doing important things, like plot development and important metaphors and blah blah blah…sometimes I just want to write the floofy, fluffy, funny stuff, you know? Like I see why fan-fiction writers do it. They already have some good character development supplied for them, the setting has been done, people know the cast of characters, the adventure scenarios…

Meanwhile, me in SciFi world is wondering, “Hmm, do the doors have doorknobs? Or only certain planets? Or certain buildings on certain planets? What kind of food do we have? Where is it grown? If this ever gets done and famous, will Neil DeGrasse Tyson criticize the physics of everything like he did with BB-8? And how are my literary devices looking? Can I pull this into something decent-looking by a 4th draft? What would my college English professors think? Ugh..it’s cliche. It’s all cliche and they’ll know…One day, if I’m ever successful, some pimply-faced, teenaged boy will STILL find the flaws in my story and list them in great detail in a random comments’ section on Facebook…”

I just want to write something easy for a minute. Take a breather. SciFi and Fantasy, I think, provide more challenges than most genres, with the exception of maybe Mystery (because if you don’t have the mind to pull off the crime of the century, chances are your mystery isn’t so hot). The reasons being, you must craft your setting in crazy detail. Determine it’s physical laws, the rules of the societies. Usually you have to have some amount of lore involved. It’s exhausting. What’s worse is I know where my fluffy parts should come up, but I’ve got a ways to get there…and I can only write so much of it before I have the rest of the story done.

But then I read something like Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? or watch Star Wars…and there’s something about the payoff of doing Fantasy and SciFi well that just might be worth it. Even if I’m the only one who ever gets to enjoy it.

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